• Products are the first touch points between consumers and brands, the so-called micro-moments. Digitizing unconnected products, enables products to interact with consumers at the micro-moments, which delivers customized rich experience. Research shows winning micro-moments multiplies the conversion rate.
  • Brandwise a technology platform connects everting to web, we are talking about smart packaging beyond connected devices. Products such as Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), packaged food, Liquor, Pharma, luxury and apparel products. Digitizing product Lifecyle, consumer experience and brand reach.
  • We at Ciphercode a strong believers of technology, standardization, experience and affordability. Proliferating brands digital presence in age of assistance. Brandwise is a digital platform compliance to NIST cryptography, PCI DSS data security, ISO product authentication and GS1 Digital link standards.
  • We are very excited to announce Brandwise services launch with GS1 Digital Link standard a digital transformation, revolutionizing the trillions of bar code enabled products across the globe. Scannable by consumer phones, seamlessly connected to web and digital content.

Why brands value Brandwise platform

Digitized products talks to consumers, turns them to brand advocates, proliferates brand's marketing and sales reach. Empowerment at Micro-moments has 80% conversion rate.

Mobile is unlocking consumer control, empowerment, and driving a revolution of hyper-segmentation, talk to our Brandwise experts and leverage digital transformation platform

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ML & AI based Actionable Insights

Micro-Moments and the Shopper Decision Journey is now the Center of Commerce. Brands knowing these metrics around the actions, winning the consumers by delivering relevant and customized experiences.

Mobile is unlocking consumer control, empowerment, and driving a hyper-segmentation. As the industry move from mass marketing to massive customization—from focusing on averages to individuals — the digital intelligence empowers the brands.

Brandwise customer journey

Single platform, multiple touchpoints

Consumer shopping decision making journey is as unique as each consumer, not missing Brand’s influence at any touchpoint is the key for conversion

Brandwise proliferates the touchpoints, hence the conversions

For today’s tech-savvy consumers, every iteration of shopping cycle involves multiple touchpoints, participating at every touchpoint is the winning strategy for tomorrow’s brand. New age consumers demand relevant information and unique shopping experience during the decision-making journey on all channels. And that means, it’s critical that you are measuring and understanding the performance of touchpoints to deliver proactive experience than delayed reactive response on consumer journey. To be ahead of the curve leverage Brandwise to deliver next generation consumer journey experience with end to end insights.

Compliant to global standards

Standardization is part of our core beliefs, strengthening brands with technology and compliances is a vital need for stability, scalability and global acceptance.

One Stop Solution

  • A platform to Influence the consumer’s Decision Making Journey.
  • Compliance to Global standards, take the future proof journey
  • GS1 India approved Authentication solution provider
  • Powerful platform – Security, scalability, flexibility and Intelligence are the key pillars
  • Local deployment and Global reach – No additional app required

Tryout Brandwise Mobile App

Brandwise solution doesn’t need dedicated mobile app, any QR code reader with internet connection works. However GS1 Barcode information and NFC authentication supported with only Brandwise mobile app or Brand apps powered by Brandwise APIs.