What is Brandwise?

Brandwise® by Ciphercode® is a connected cloud Platform, which provides and authenticates a unique digital ID associated to each product. This digital ID is signed by brand, injected at a factory in either protected QR code, Digital DNA or NFC secure chip form. These IDs can be easily authenticated by end consumer using their smartphone at any time, by scanning the QR code or tapping on NFC chip. Ciphercode owns patents and trademarks in advanced authentication solutions.

By scanning QR code users can experience below features delivered by brand, where brand customizes the offerings specific to product needs.

  • Brand Protection by Digital Product Authentication
  • Product engagement by delivering the content rich, personalized “Product Story”
  • Digitized Product Registration for consumer convenience and nimbleness
  • Brand Advocacy & Affiliate Marketing with Post Sale Engagement
  • Micro-Moments and Omnichannel experiences which are the center of Commerce
  • Digitized Brand Campaigns, Connected Store, Virtual Store, Self Check Out and more
  • ML & AI based Actionable Insights
  • Digitized Supply Chain
  • Insights based loyalty programs