Brandwise Benefits to Brands

Increase Revenue


Connect Products to the Digital World – for Product Authentication and Product Promotion

Protect Consumer Trust and reduce Revenue loss due to Counterfeits – One click authentication by consumer’s smart phone. Build Consumer Connect –– Deliver content rich, personalized “Product Story” on consumers’ smart phone after product scan – not just at that moment, but for that moment.

The revenue loss that can be substantially reduced by adopting anti-counterfeiting technology, as per CII National Committee Study is estimated to be:

  • FMCG (packaged goods) – USD $3.28 Billion (23.4%)
  • FMCG (personal goods) -USD $2.43 Billion (25.9%)
  • Auto components – USD $ 1.48 Billion (29.6%)
  • Mobile phones – USD $1.45 Billion (20.8%)
  • Tobacco – USD $ 1.44 Billion (15.7%).

Increase Reach and Sales through Brand Advocacy & Affiliate Marketing

Turn consumers to Brand Advocates, scale your own affiliated marketing program with “one click” Social Media Share and track. Increase Sales, yet Reduce Discounting
CJ Affiliate’s Affiliate Customer Insights reveals the revenue benefits of affiliate marketing:

  • Twenty-one percent higher average order value (AOV)
  • Thirty-one percent higher per customer order average
  • Fifty-eight percent higher average customer revenue

Increase Predictable Revenue – Turn Products into Subscription Services for Loyal Customers

One click Loyalty registration. Delight your loyal customers by offering digital discount coupons, creating digital lottery program and many more – and THEN let them order refill when they run out, let them reorder the whole product when they are done.

Latest trends in loyalty program indicates that Omnichannel and multichannel digital loyalty programs are replacing traditional ones. The results are staggering :

  • The cost of acquiring a new customer is 5 times higher than retaining an existing one
  • 75% of US companies with a loyalty

Reduce Cost


Reduce “Lost Sales Opportunities” - Win Micro-Moments by going “Omnichannel”

Leverage digitalized products to deliver omnichannel shopping experience in digital world. Make online and offline channels complementary. Drive Offline traffic to Online- when offline stores run out of stock.

Omnichannel strategy can reduce operational cost by :

  • Improve contact center efficiency – 62 second reduction in contact handling time. 18% improvement in customer satisfaction and 2% increase in revenue.
  • Improved Inventory turns, Reduced real estate and administrative expenses can reduce cost by as much as 20%.

Reduce Inventory without stock outs with Digitized Supply Chain

Real-time trace & track to Optimize Inventory Management, Identify and plug supply chain leakage, ensure quick and effective product recall batch wise.

  • Mckinsey Study shows digitized supply chain enabled the company to reduce its inventory by 20 percent and improve the productivity of its planners by 20 to 30 percent.
  • DHL study at a warehouse in the Netherlands, shows productivity improvements and reduction in errors
    increased the overall picking efficiency by 25 percent.

Reduce Brand Promotion Cost – yet increase Consumer Engagements by Digitized Brand Campaign

Dynamic Landing page provides great flexibility. No change in product packaging or other campaign materials. Same QR Code – yet modify, activate or deactivate campaign instantly – as required and save product packaging and media creation cost

The ease with which you can update your campaigns, and the net return-on-investment to traditional marketing initiatives has never been more effective than with digital signage :

  • Multiple retail case studies have found that after installing a digital display, 30-60% in marketing costs were saved over time.

Driving new growth with new technology

Your businesses should perform at or above market growth, even in the environments of declining markets. You always want to be ahead of where the market is going. And that’s all about being a ‘Performer’. New age performers need new age tools. We are innovators, that’s part of our culture and DNA. We constantly talk to our customer and their customers; we leverage data to server the brands with right insights. Our customers (brands) are experiencing a shift in their MoM growth, talk to us today to know the transformation tools you could leverage.