Consumer Insights

Driving footfall in omnichannel era

Consumer Insights

Offline campaigning and consumer engagement are being redefined by, particularly in today’s era of social distancing and remote work brought about by the global coronavirus pandemic. Empowering businesses with new era of capability and controls, Ciphercode’s marketing automation platform enables enterprise B2C companies to effectively manage offline marketing programs – including campaign creation, performance tracking, personalized direct messages, gift vouchers, coupons and donations – in the same way that they currently manage digital marketing programs using customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation tools, with hybrid performance from offline and online capabilities.

“Brandwise” all-in-one solution fills a critical gap in the Martech stack, bringing the efficiency of online marketing to offline engagement. It enables companies to manage hands-off prospect and customer touches to achieve genuine connections that drive profitable sales and marketing ROI. Current processes for print media campaigning, supervising offline direct messages and gifting are antiquated, manual and un-trackable, and Brandwise gives B2C companies of any size the ability to create, manage and report on offline programs as effectively as they can manage digital campaigns. “Digital marketing has hit critical mass, and today’s marketers must find ways to differentiate – which is why offline has become the new online. No harm in saying that over the period every marketer shall be a programmer on top of their creative campaigns, that is where we spent our resources and developed highly efficient and scalable platform “Brandwise”, which is easy to use, measure and scale it with new stake of technologies time to time.

An Urgent Market Need
The COVID pandemic experience and effect has transformed the industries and markets. Need for customer connections has become increasingly urgent in B2C sales, where the need for people to work from home and maintain social distance has become new norm in many countries. According to experts, coronavirus-driven sheltering in place has led to an approximately 50% overall increase in the volume of email-based marketing campaigns, while response rates continue to drop. Prospective buyers are experiencing digital overload, illustrating the need for a different approach that creates lasting connections with customers by merging online and offline techniques to increase conversion rates and efficiency of the campaigns.

Part of the consumer engagement here are the list of capabilities Brandwise-Enterprise platform – offers

  • Online and Offline store footfall enhancement campaigns
  • Window shopper conversion algorithms
  • Lead management and conversion automation
  • Reports, dashboards, and Consumer Analytics
  •  AI and ML driven insights
  • APIs for various applications integration