1. What is Product Digitization?

IOT and Digitization is DISRUPTING every Industry.

It is predicted that, by 2022, a typical family home may contain more than 500 connected “IoT” devices – such as Home Voice Controller, Video Surveillance System, Thermostat, Smart Energy Meter etc. Whereas, A typical family home ALREADY contain more than 100,000 “‘unconnected” physical items – such as shoes, apparel, liquor, medicines etc.

No doubt, “Connected” IoT devices is MASSIVE business opportunity– Number of Connected Devices reaching 22 Bn by 2025. However, “Unconnected” physical items 200 times bigger opportunity……….if they could be connected to the Digital World.

To do that, you need to be “Digitize the Unconnected Product” – which is to provide unique digital ID to each product, to make your products smart enough to deliver exclusive digital content,in the real world – at the tap of a phone.

2. Why Product Digitization is such a big deal?

Most of your customers’ experiences with your products happen offline. But most customer experience innovation is happening online.

Even though, your entire company exists to make and move and sellphysical products to consumers who buy and use and love those same physical products. In fact, your physical products touch every part of business that really matters every process, every decision, every customer interaction is in some meaningful way about your products.

Digitize your products and you will digitize every part of your business that really matter. Because you can “Digitally Engage” your customers in compelling new ways, at each stage of “Customer’s Shopping Decision Making Cycle”.

The winners in every market will be the businesses that digitize their business, by digitizing their product – which in turn transforms products – from supply chain and retailing – into Consumer Experience Platform

That’s why Product Digitization is such a big deal.

3. How “Transforming Products into Consumer Experience Platform” happens in practice ?

Brandwise®  leverages Digitized Products AND other cloud technologies for Digitizing Brands’ Interaction with the Consumers at the Consumer-Brand Touch Points (“Micro Moments”) to deliver unique consumer experience throughout their shopping journey. In other words, you can engageyour customers in compelling new ways, all the way from pre-sale to post sale.

How to enable “Digitizing Brands’ Interaction with the Consumers”is explained in detail in the diagram below :

4. How Brandwise Product Digitization is done ?

It is a three-step implementation process :

  • Embedding the intelligence: First you physically embed the “Digital ID” in your products. In this step, you’re choosing the right tag to connect your product to the digital world, and then embedding it in a repeatable, efficient way – for all your products.
  • Enabling the intelligence: Here, you’re marrying the digital ID associated with the tag to your brand information, so that when consumer scans/ taps the digital ID on the product with their smartphone, they spark a digital interaction on their devicethrough multi-media content sent to their smart phone, in order to
    1. Authenticate the product (genuine of fake)
    2. Know more about the product and related information (e.g. for packaged food items – it could be health benefits, various recipes etc.)
    3. Get information about Brand Loyalty and Rewards program – benefits, how to sign-up etc.
    4. Affiliate Marketing Programs – – benefits, how to sign-up etc.
    5. Order the product online and pay for the same
  • Utilizing the intelligence: You have extremely rich set of off-line Consumer-Brand interaction data. Now use AI and ML driven Analytics to get actionable insights from the data in order to amplify the value you already deliver from – e.g. to fine tune brand promotion based on geography/ campaign strategy, affiliate marketing program effectiveness, impact of social media share by registered loyal consumer etc.
5. What are the types of Digital IDs supported by Brandwise platform?

Brandwise is a common platform for exclusive services. Technology is compatible for various practical applications, since physical products are wide spread in nature, they need different ID solutions, all solutions are compatible for smartphone authentication.

Digital DNA: Individual QR code-based authentication and consumer journey engagement ID, to be printed at factory, needs simple API integration with Brandwise platform.

Dynamic Code: Individual QR code-based authentication and consumer journey engagement, can be ordered through vendor supply model or inhouse print and apply at factory.

Secure code: Comes in two paired QR codes, one must be applied on overt and other to be covert, these two IDs are cryptographically linked to give highest Authenticity to end consumer.

Secure Chip: It is an RF chip.Brand digital certificate is stored in NFC tag supporting ISO 14443A interfacing standard. This chip is programmed at factory and cannot be reprogrammed at the field or later. NFC compatible phone can read this tag and authenticate the product.

6. What is Product Authenticity?

Authenticity is the act of confirming the truth of an attribute.  In contrast with identification, which refers to the act of stating or otherwise indicating a claim purportedly attesting to a person or thing’s identity, authentication is the process of actually confirming that identity.

(Ref Wikipedia: Authentication)

7. Is the Brandwise mobile app a mandate?

Brandwise solution doesn’t need dedicated mobile application, any QR code reader with internet connection works. However, GS1 Barcode information and NFC authentication supported with only Brandwise mobile app or Brand apps powered by Brandwise APIs.Please click here to know how to scan/ tap Brandwise Digital Product ID and how to Navigate Brandwise Mobile User Interface.

8. Why Brandwise is superior?
  • Single platform to Digitalizing End-To-End Product Journey from Wearhouse to Consumer and Consumer’s Decision-Making Journey
  • ProductDigitizationfor directengagementwith customerIN OFF-LINESPACE
  • Dynamic content for static products, endless experience in consumer hand
  • Proven technology built by cryptography experts and compliance to global standards (ISO, NIST, FIPS and PCI-DSS).
  • GS1 Authorized authentication solution provider.
  • Solutions are built for comprehensive coverage of product journey and consumer touchpoint conversion for global usage.
  • No dedicatedMobile NativeApp Required.
  • Brandwise offers customized solutions for various practical usage and experience.
  • Cryptography based solutions, and end to end security
9. What are the key business benefits?
  1. Increase Revenue
    1. Connect Products to the Digital World – for Product Authentication and Product Promotion – to convert curiosity to purchase
    2. Increase Reach and Sales through Brand Advocacy & Affiliate Marketing
    3. Real Time Off-line Product and Consumer Interaction Data, withML and AI driven Analytics for actingto increase your top line
  2. Reduce Cost of Operations
    1. Reduce “Lost Sales Opportunities” – Win Micro-Moments by going “Omnichannel”
    2. Reduce Inventory without stock outs with Digitized Supply Chain
    3. Reduce Brand Promotion Cost – yet increase Consumer Engagements by Digitized Brand Campaign

For more details, click here. (link to Business Benefit document)

10. What is the cost of Brandwise Solution?

Cost is a subjective matter with the value being received and the affordability, Brandwise is well appreciated by the customers for the value received. Since, the value is more expensive than the cost. Talk to Ciphercode for customized proposal info@ciphercode.co

11. How to generate digital IDs for products?

Register at Brandwise portal,Design Product specific landing pages with specific product media content. Place order for IDs.

Download digital IDs at mass scale. IDs can be downloaded in QR code form, these QRs can be printed at Brands facility or can be ordered through authorized vendor from Brandwise portal itself. Printed QR rolls will be delivered to factory in standard auto apply formfactor. Brandwise APIs exposed for Brands operations integration, where orders can be placed seamlessly by Brands operations team.

12. Why can't someone clone it or reproduce and use.

Digital DNA and Dynamic code are unique for every print, copying have no incentive to cloning party, rather enables the probability of getting exposed to sever level, with backend supported technology.

Secure codes or NFC chip are impractical to duplicate, secure code has covert QR which needs to be accessed for successful authentication, accessing it is not possible without tampering the physical shield. Once authenticated, Brandwise latches the status of each product authentication at backend.

NFC Chip contains static data authentication powered by public key encryption and chip vendor certification for unique chip ID, hence cloning them at scale is impractical and impossible.

13. Does the platform support existing ERP integration?

Yes, Brandwise built on API architecture, it is open to integrate with existing ERP applications.

14. How difficult or easy to implement this solution at running factory?

Everything software driven and configuration controlled, doesn’t need expensive setup at a factory and may not need any alteration for the existing flow unless factory sees benefit from integration. Ciphercode provides all technical support for integration.

15. What is the requirement from Brand to onboard?

Pilot run can be initiated within a day from the signup. Production customization depends on the product, factory, existing system and brands call on optimum implementation. Post decision within two weeks production shall be initiated.

16. How secure is the data?

Ciphercode does not interfere with product data and doesn’t exercise for any of its activities. Only data needed to enhance brand experience will be utilized on Brands approval. Entire system is compliance to highest global data security standards such as PCI-DSS, which is widely used by payment industry.

17. How to scan the product?

Brandwise solution doesn’t need dedicated mobile application, any QR code reader with internet connection works.