The demand for organic foods began with fruits and vegetables when there were reports of pesticide residues in them. The popularity of organic foods has now extended to food grains, pulses, tea, spices, oilseeds, herbals, skin care and many more. 

Going back in time, during the 1950s and 1960s ever-increasing populationof India and several natural calamities led to severe food scarcity. As a result, government had to increase production of food within India. A large amount of land was brought under cultivation. Hybrid seeds were introduced. Natural and organic fertilizers were replaced by chemicals. Large chemical factories established. Later India had surplus food grains and became an exporter.

Extensive dependence on chemical farming has shown its darker side, sever contamination threaten lives. Later both farmers and consumers shifted to organic forming but growing population kept constrain on volume of organic supply.

Organic foods have various advantages and benefits, they contain no chemicals, grown naturally with manure, compost, natural pesticides and insecticides. Another advantage the organic meat, dairy and poultry products do not contain growth hormones or antibiotic residues.

India’s organic consumption share less than 1%, something went through cracks, despite all efforts by various organic food promotion agencies, farming companies and regulatory bodies. There is one major reason why consumption is slow.

Ashmeet Kapoor, the founder of farm-to-fork, shared below concern to 7-minute read “An often-asked question from potential customers – “is this genuine?” It always makes me laugh. At our store, many times when they identify me as the owner, they come up to me and ask this question. I explain to them everything we do to ensure authenticity. In my mind though, I wonder “if someone wasn’t genuine, do you think they would tell you that?”

This is a common experience by most of the organic sellers. There is a significant cost difference between organic and regular foods available in the market, higher price lures local suppliers to use organic packaging and piggyback on qualified brand’s reputation. Other side consumer doesn’t have a tool to validate product authenticity with the brand, they regularly seek authenticity.

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