Product Digitization

Product Digitization

Brandwise A.I offers brands an opportunity to tap into consumer micro-moments and conversations on multiple channels such as offline campaigns, social media and through products. Platform extensively leverages the Artificial Intelligence to deliver mass personalization in real-time.

Brandwise platform comes with rich features such as product digitization, consumer engagement, lead generation, lead management and insights tool. This powerful SaaS platform helps brands to deal through accurate insights with hyper-personalization in Real-time.

Brandwise A.I platform provides clear, relevant, actionable, measurable, and reliable view of the consumer to the enterprise in the era of connected consumer and Artificial Intelligence. Which complements the online channels yet co-works with them to derive comprehensive and consumer centric business insights. The platform is well respected by the leading brands across the sectors.

More about product digitization ..

Connected products a MASSIVE opportunity for BrandsYour products can be transformed into connected digital media assets. Digitized Physical objects augments an engaging new digital layer of content and delivers experience through smartphones.

Each Digitized physical product represents an opportunity to build loyalty and grow revenue. If you produce and sell millions or even billions of items each year, these assets give far greater reach, as an owned media, than most other media channels. Brand gets complete control on the consumer experience and gains an opportunity to influence the consumer decision journey with real time dynamic content. Unlike other media, the content is 100% relevant for the interacting consumer.

Your physical products touch every part of the business that really matters, every process, every decision, every customer interaction is in some meaningful way about your products.

Brandwise®, the flagship SaaS product from Ciphercode, digitizes “Unconnected” Physical Products, and connects them to the Digital World. By Digitizing products, Brandwise Digitizes the brand’s business.

How it Works

By scanning QR code users can experience below features delivered by brand, where brand customizes the offerings specific to product needs.


Brand Protection by Digital Product Authentication


Product engagement by delivering the content rich, personalized “Product Story”


Digitized Product Registration for consumer convenience and nimbleness


Brand Advocacy & Affiliate Marketing with Post Sale Engagement


Micro-Moments and Omnichannel experiences which are the center of Commerce


Digitized Brand Campaigns, Connected Store, Virtual Store, Self Check Out and more


ML & AI based Actionable Insights


Digitized Supply Chain


Insights based loyalty programs